The Grand Kazoo was a studio album, but its success inside and outside Spain led to an international tour and for that purpose a band was created with long-time collaborators such as Rebeca Ibáñez (vocals), Marieta Tamarit (vocals), Román García (bass, spanish lyrics adaptions & covers pictures), Santi Serrano (drums), Manu Vicente and Manoel Macía (guitars), Luis Prado (piano), and José Mencias & oZcar McCuenca (brass). The line-up would be adapted to the venue and with slight modifications Caballero Reynaldo & The Grand Kazoo took their show to Germany (Zappanale 21 & 28), Paris (salle Tritón), Norway (Yellow Snow Festival, Larvik), Lisbon (Zappamundo) & multiple locations in Spain. His discography consists of five studio albums, one of rehearsal, three lives and one ep.